Rocky Hill Pavement Management Program


Along with public buildings, our roads and parking lots are one of the largest capital investments the Town owns. Therefore, the Town of Rocky Hill has moved away from the traditional “worst first” method of repairs to a more scientific approach of pavement management, and has implemented a Pavement Management System (PMS).  What is pavement management and why is it important?  

Pavement management is the process of planning for the maintenance and repair of the towns network of roads and parking lots, in order to optimize pavement conditions over the entire network, and minimize the costs through good management practices.  Through analysis of pavement life cycles, a pavement management system can:

  • Determine the most appropriate time to treat a pavement
  • Determine what the most cost-effective method may be 
  • Determine how many dollars it may take to maintain a roadway system at a desirable condition   

We believe it is better to be proactive than reactive. It is more cost effective to keep good roads in good condition. With the typical repair method of "worst-first," scarce maintenance dollars are used to provide band-aid repairs to pavements which have failed and can’t get any worse. Furthermore, a PMS is designed to provide objective information, removing individual subjectivity from the process and producing unbiased decisions.  Please see the links below for more detailed information.             

 Analysis and Treatment Selection

 Treatment Types      

What is Micro-surfacing?

Micro-surfacing Video

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