Permits and Waivers


In accordance with Code of the Town of Rocky Hill Chapter 212 – Streets and Sidewalks, governing operations within public rights-of-way, all work performed within the Town of Rocky Hill right-of-way requires a Street Excavation Permit issued by the Engineering Department. This includes work performed by every entity (contractor, utility, resident) with the exception of the Town Highway and Parks departments.

The purpose of the permit is to protect the Town and its residents from liability for work being done on Town property. All contractors performing work within the Town of Rocky Hill rights-of-way shall be licensed and insured and post a bond. The original certificates of such insurance and bond shall be filed with the Engineering Department and shall be subject to the approval of the Town for adequacy of protection. The certificate must name "The Town of Rocky Hill" as an additional insured.

The contractor must notify the Town of cancellation or change at least 30 days prior to the effective date of such cancellation or change.

Fee: $50 per location

Street Excavation Permit 


There are various types of improvements residents may wish to make, but in general are not permitted within the right of way. These include the installation of sprinklers, “ornamental” driveway aprons, and fixed objects such as monument mailboxes. In addition, there are locations in town where steeper than normal driveways may be required. Provisions have been made to allow some of these items, provided a Waiver holding the town harmless is signed by the property owner. In no case shall a fixed object, other than those by public utilities, be allowed within the towns right of way. There include but are not limited to monument mailboxes, retaining walls and basketball posts.


Driveway Apron Hold Harmless Form 

Driveway Grade Waiver

Hold Harmless Irrigation Form

Call Before You Dig

Prior to the issuance of a permit, the permittee must provide a "Call Before You Dig" number on each individual permit application.


Call the Engineering Department 24 hours prior to construction to arrange for an inspection.