Freedom of Information Act Requests

The goal of the Town of Rocky Hill is to courteously and promptly provide requested information in compliance with the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which guarantees public access to all public records maintained or kept on file by the municipality.

Most public records are readily available for inspection upon request during regular business hours, such as those maintained by the Office of the Town Clerk and other municipal offices.  Written acknowledgment of requests will be issued within the statutory timeframe of four (4) business days.  After identifying and compiling responsive records, the Town will provide the same within a reasonable period of time.

Human Resources and Legal Compliance is often called upon when requests relate to records that contain information deemed to be confidential or private. Such requests are reviewed through the lens of statutory exceptions, exemptions and exclusions to balance public disclosure and individual privacy interests.

Freedom of Information Commission

Human Resources and Legal Compliance communicates frequently with Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission (FOIC) representatives to ensure compliance in this area and participates in hearings before the FOIC. The Town has developed best practices relative to FOIA to ensure compliance with FOIA.

For More Information

Please contact Camille Carney, Human Resources Assistant and Search Administrator with any questions.