Employee Benefits Information

***Effective July 1, 2022, Cigna will provide Town employees with health insurance coverage.  A guide has been prepared which provides resources and contact information to those who have questions regarding the transition from Anthem to Cigna.  This guide includes a form which you can complete to request responses to specific questions.***

The Town of Rocky Hill is committed to its employees and offers competitive compensation and benefits packages. This page provides several forms, notices, and basic information relative to medical, dental, prescription, and life insurance plans. The Town of Rocky Hill partners with the Board of Education and is working with OneDigital Health and Benefits. For more detailed information or questions, please contact the Department of Human Resources and Legal Compliance.

Bargaining Unit Benefits Guides (including Non-Bargaining) have been prepared by OneDigital and are available on the Collective Bargaining Units page.

  1. Retirement
  2. Life
  3. Long Term Disability
  4. Health

Retirement Information