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If you are setting up your account from home, you will be prompted for your library card number during the sign-up process.

After you have signed up, you may view magazines on your iPad, tablet or smartphone through the Zinio app. Follow the links on the Zinio site for app details, or visit your app store to download the appropriate Zinio app for free.

Note: The apps for some devices may require two Zinio accounts:
* Library Collection Account for browsing the Library's collection. (After signing up, you will receive an "Activation\Change Library Account" email from "Your Library". Click on that link to complete the activation of this account.)
* Zinio Viewer Account for viewing the issues you have chosen. (We suggest that you use the same email and password for this account.)

Each time you add a magazine to your Account, you will receive an email notification. Under Preferences, you may want to uncheck "Let Zinio Decide" so you don't receive commercial Zinio emails about magazine purchases and sales. Log in to Zinio             

If you are using a computer:
follow the Zinio link on our website to log in each time you want to view a magazine.

If you are using an iPad, tablet or smartphone: You can go directly to the Zinio app each time you want to view a downloaded magazine. It is necessary to  follow the Zinio link on our website and log into your account only if you want to choose another magazine.

FAQ about Zinio

What is Zinio?
Zinio provides digital access to popular magazines, which you can read on your computer, iPad, tablet, or smartphone. You can read each issue, page-by-page, by “turning” pages with a simple click  or finger swipe. The full issue is available, including full-color pictures. All of the Library’s collection is free to residents of Rocky Hill. Some magazines can be accessed only by streaming, but most can be downloaded.

What do I need to get started?  An email account and a valid Cora J. Belden Library Card. Your Zinio account can be set up at the Library or from home with your card.

How many checkouts are allowed? You may check out as many magazines as you’d like.

How long is the loan period? Magazines remain on your device as long as you  like. There are no checkout periods and no overdue fines. Just delete the title from your device when you are done.

What is the easiest way to view downloaded magazines on my iPad, tablet or smartphone? You will need to download the Zinio app from your app store. Or, follow the above link from the Library to Zinio, where apps are available for a variety of devices.

Why isn't Zinio working on my Kindle Fire? Even though Amazon has authorized an app for Kindle Fire, a temporary work-around is necessary. Here are the instructions:
Swipe the device to bring up the Settings menu. Press: More>Device>Allow installations from unknown devices>"On." 
2. Download the APK app installer. 
3. Swipe the screen from the top left to check on the download. When it is complete, select "Install" and "Open.            
4. Click on the magazine icon (upper right) and sign in.

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