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All applications shall be accompanied by the appropriate application fee in accordance with the fee schedule in Section 6.11.a.

 a.  Class A permit for Declaratory Ruling - If the agency finds, on the basis of submitted evidence, that a proposed activity or use does not involve any regulated activity in a regulated area, permission to proceed will be granted forthwith. This permission shall be subject to limitation or revocation if it is later shown that a regulated activity in a regulated area is a consequence of that proposed activity or use.

b.  Class B permit - If the agency finds, on the basis of submitted evidence, that a proposed activity or use is a regulated activity not having a significant impact or major effect, as defined in Section 6.14 of these Regulations, on the regulated area, it may allow the activity or use with or without conditions. At the discretion of the agency, a bond in a form of a passbook will be required from the permittee if a Class B permit is issued.

c.  Class C permit - If the agency finds that the activity applied for does or may have a significant impact or major effect on a regulated area, the agency shall require information which may include, but need not be limited to the information included on the application form. At the discretion of the agency, a bond in a form of a passbook will be required from the permittee if a Class C permit is issued. Such bond shall be established by the agency and shall be enough to cover all the environmental measures and maintenance associated with the development. An agreement form approved by the agency shall be used as part of the bond.

d.  Application to amend Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Map.

e.  Application to amend Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Regulations.

 6.2       Fee Schedule

a.  Application for permit

1.  An application for permit fee of $25.00 per lot for subdivisions or $.02 per square foot of building footprint for site plans whichever is greater will be required for all applications unless the requirements of Section 6.11.a.2. below are met.

2.  No application for permit fee is required when the application is for a Class A permit for a residential property  on a lot with an existing single-family dwelling and there is no activity within or impact upon an inland wetlands and/or watercourse.

3.  Upon determination that an Application for permit is for a Class C permit, an additional public hearing fee of $100.00 for parcels of 0 - 5 acres in size and $500.00 for parcels greater than five (5) acres shall be required and payment of said fee is due twenty (20) days prior to the commencement of the public hearing. Failure to submit fees will void the application.

4.  If it is determined that an Application under Section 6.11.a.2 that the application fee under Section 6.11.a.1 is required, permits will not be issued until all remaining fees have been paid.

5.  Application Fee to amend inland wetlands and watercourses map is $200.00.

6.  Application  Fee  to  amend  inland  wetlands  and  watercourses  regulations is $200.00.

7.  All other applications are subject to a $50.00 charge.

8.  A surcharge will be charged on all applications for a permit as required by General Statutes Section 22a-27j.

9.  If the agency finds that the services of an individual/consulting firm is necessary to review a wetlands applications and related document on behalf of the agency, then the agency will choose an individual/consulting firm. The applicant is to bear all cost associated with a review or report generated by the individual/consulting firm. Such fee shall be paid in full [prior to the rendering of a decision]. upon demand.

b.  Permit Fees

1.         Class A   Permit

$    0.00

2.         Class B Permit

$ 75.00

3.         Class C   Permit


4.         Amendments to Map

$    0.00

5.         Amendments to Regulations

$    0.00

6.         Permit Extension   - Class B

$  25.00

7.         Permit Extension   - Class C

$  50.00


The above permit Fees are in addition to the Applications Fees in Section 6.11.a. Permits will not be issued until all fees have been paid.

c.  Modifications of permits

A request to modify the terms and conditions of an existing permit, including a class A permit, shall be accompanied by a fee of $100.00.

d.  Discussion Fee

Prior to application, in order to be considered for preliminary discussion, a letter indicating the proposed activity along with a $50.00 fee shall be submitted to the agency twenty-one (21) days prior to the meeting. While the agency stands ready to discuss with any person a proposed activity, these discussions shall be in no way construed as conceptual approval for permit for the activity, or as an indication that the Commission shall subsequently issue a permit.


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