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What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is an open-ended, sandbox game that sets you free to build and alter a massive and varied game world made up of grasslands, deserts, oceans, mountains, and plains.  Players can construct cities, massive skyscrapers, forts, underground caves, transit systems, farms, just about anything you can imagine.  The game can be played either in creative mode, where the player is given unlimited resources to build, or in survival mode, where players must scavenge and collect resources to create tools, shelter, and fend off the creepers (a.k.a. monsters) of the game world.

What is Minecraft at the Library?

The best part of Minecraft is that players can experience and interact with an amazing game world together on an online server.  The Cora J. Belden Library has purchased two such online servers so that kids and teens in the local area of Rocky Hill and surrounding towns can play together in a safe, private environment that is not open to the general public.  There are two separate groups: one for kids in grades 2 - 5 and one for teens in grades 6 - 12. (Note: the teen group's server currently runs several mods.  If you are unfamiliar with mods we will teach you how to set them up.  The mods will not affect your vanilla Minecraft game).  Players can log into these servers and play from anywhere once they have been accepted (or whitelisted) into the servers, and the library has monthly meeting dates so that kids and teens can bring their devices and play together at the library. 

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