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How do I join the Minecraft Club?

Please download the form at the bottom of this page or go to the library to get a paper form. You can get a form at the children's department if you are in grades 2 - 5 or at the adult information desk if you are in grades 6 - 12.

Please note:
1.  You must own the PC or Mac version of the game to join the library's servers.*
2.  You must bring your won device to the library to play during the Minecraft Club meeting dates.*
3.  You must abide by the rules of the servers to maintain good standing and an active account (see rules below).  

* The library does own several computers, as well as Minecraft accounts, that students can use when they come to Minecraft Club at the library.  However, these are limited to a first come, first served basis.

Please note that players who begin on the grades 2 - 5 server will "graduate" to the teen server once they enter 6th grade, while players on the teen server who graduate high school will no longer be able to participate.


1.  Please abide by the following rules to maintain good standing and an active account with the library's   
     Minecraft servers.
2.  Please do not steal or damage another player's items or buildings (a.k.a. no griefing)
3.  Please do not swear or use abusive language.
4.  Please do not use cheats while on the library's servers.
5.  Have tons of fun!

Players who are found violating these rules will be warned after the first offense, temporarily banned after the second offense, and permanently banned if there are recurring issues.

Players who feel they need to report another player who may be violating these rules can contact the moderators of the servers:

For those in grades 2 - 5 contact: 
Cathy Potter
Minecraft username - misscathy99

For those in grades 6 - 12 contact;
Michael Murphy
Minecraft username: mmurph78

icon_PDF_25x25Minecraft Brochure and Membership Form

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