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All Applications must be typewritten

All notices of appeal and applications for a variance(s) must be contained in an official form adopted by the Board for that purpose. All applications must be signed by the applicant or his agent. All questions on the applications must be answered and all information required must be concisely stated.

All applications must be accompanied with eleven (11) copies of an A-2 Survey plot plan when required and a key map, along with the following:

•  A list of abutters must accompany the application
•  Plot plans must be drawn to scale, accurately showing dimensions, area yard dimensions, and location
•  Plot plans must be drawn by a registered land surveyor and indicate the date certified and should not be dated more than five (5) years old..
•  Sizes of all existing and proposed structures or parts thereof
•  Other information as is necessary to clearly define the question involved.


The last filing date for the month the application is to be heard, shall be twenty-one (21) days before the hearing date.

The filing fee shall be $180.00 ($120.00 plus $60.00 administration fee) and $260.00 for a motor vehicle hearing ($200.00 plus a $60 administration fee) administration fee (State Land Use Fee) is in accordance with Public Act #04-144.

A fifty ($50.00) deposit for a sign will be required. This sign will be posted by the applicant ten (10) days prior to hearing and remain on the property until the public hearing is closed; (i.e...if a meeting is scheduled for the 19th of the month, the sign is required to be up ten (10) days prior or 19th - 10 = the 9th of the month. Therefore, the sign is to be posted on or before the 9th of the particular month used in this example). Deposit will be refunded upon return of the sign.

*Notification of Abutters:

Not more than 20 days nor less than 7 days before the date of an applicant’s hearing, the applicant, or his legal representative, shall mail notification of his application, which can be the Legal Notice provided by the Zoning Enforcement Officer with the scheduled date, time and place of the hearing, to the owners of each parcel or property 200 feet or less distant from the applicant’s property line boundaries. The owners and their address shall be determined from the latest real estate list of the Town in the Tax Assessor’s office. At the hearing, the applicant, or his legal representative, shall submit evidence of the required mailing in the form of U.S. Postal Service Certificates of Mailing, a list showing the names and addresses of the owners of all properties, and a copy of the notification (including attachments), which were mailed. Certificates can be obtained at the Planning office or local post office..

NOTE: The Board, in its discretion may dismiss an appeal (without prejudice) for failure to comply with any of the above items.

Plot Plan Requirements per Section 8.7.4B 2 Subsection a:

All plans must include the following information where applicable:
1.     Name and address of property owners.
2.     Address of property in question.
3.     Signature and seal of an engineer, landscape architect, or land surveyor who is registered in the State of Connecticut.
4.     Survey information of the land in question including distances, angles, and bearings.
5.     North point arrow.
6.     Zone classification, lot size, lot frontage, front yard, side yard, rear yard, building height, parking spaces, floor area, lot coverage and open space percentage.
7.     Distance of structure(s) existing or proposed, to property lines.
8.     Location of tree lines or other densely settled vegetation.
9.     The amount of the variance requested and the amount required in the Zoning Regulations.
10.   Curb cuts, drive-ways, and parking layout for non-residential parcels.
11.    Height, size and location of sign if applicable.
12.    Existing contours, not more than five foot intervals, if applicable.
13.    Building lines for all property lines.
14.    Scale: Not less than 1" 40'.
15.    Abutters list (on plan).
16.    Index map showing 200 ft. radius and abutting properties.

A-2 Survey Requirement

Clarification of the words “when required” in the ZBA checklist.

A new A-2 survey must accompany any application for variance relating to commercial property.

A new A-2 survey must accompany any application for variance relating to residential property unless:

1) One exists that is up to date and the request deals with an extension to an existing building. In this case the requested changes can be shown on the existing A-2 survey with dimensions to show the change in the perimeter of the building and distance from the yard line, or

2) The request is for placement of a shed smaller than 12 x 12. In this case the MDC plot plan can be used to show the requested positioning of the shed relative to the yard line.

3) If your appeal is for an accessory building location, you may submit a pre-existing plot plan with modifications. These modifications should clearly show a to-scale footprint of the accessory building and its proposed location, with dimensions of the building and shortest distance from the building to the property line(s) relevant to the appeal.


Contact Information

logo6    Town of Rocky Hill
     761 Old Main St.
     Rocky Hill, CT 

Kim Ricci,
Zoning Enforcement Officer,
Town Planner

PHONE: 860-258-2761
FAX: 860-258-2703
HOURS: Monday - Friday 
  8:30am - 4:30pm 

David Palmberg L.S. / CZEO,
Assistant Zoning Enforcement Officer /
Town Planner

PHONE: 860-258-7675
FAX: 860-258-2703
HOURS: Monday - Friday 
  8:30am - 4:30pm 





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