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Rocky Hill Dog Park

Subfacility of Elm Ridge Park

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The Rocky Hill Dog Park opened in July 2010 after years of fundraising. The dog park is open dawn to dusk.

Dog Park Mission

The Rocky Hill Dog Park's mission is to create a fenced-in, off-leash dog park where well behaved canine citizens can exercise in a clean, safe environment without endangering or annoying people, property or wildlife. This beautiful and well-maintained space is open to dog lovers and friends who are willing to uphold the park's rules and regulations. The dog park is a community project in partnership with the Town of Rocky Hill, designed to satisfy the needs of dog owners and non-dog owners alike. The Town of Rocky Hill promotes education, training and recreational activities that facilitate responsible dog ownership and well behaved dogs through the use of volunteers and with support of the community.

Official Rules of the Rocky Hill Dog Park

The Town of Rocky Hill is not responsible and shall have no liability for the acts or omissions of individuals or their animals that utilize the dog park. You are responsible for any injury or damage caused by your animal. Keep in mind that this is a dog park and was created for dogs. Enter the park at your own risk!

  • Dogs must display a valid license and up-to-date rabies vaccination tag
  • Dogs must be leashed when entering and exiting dog park
  • Dog owners must carry a leash, and have dog within sight and under voice control; owners must accompany dog inside fenced area
  • Dogs must be removed from the dog park at the first sign of aggression toward a person or dog
  • Owners must clean up after their dogs and dispose of properly
  • No more than 2 dogs per person
  • No smoking, glass containers or food (people/animal) allowed in dog park
  • No children under 12 years of age allowed in park unless accompanied by an adult; children must be closely supervised at all times
  • Remove choke, pinch (prong) and spike collars from dogs before entering park
  • Immediately fill in any holes your dog digs
  • Prohibited from the park at all times:
    • Aggressive dogs
    • Dogs under 4 months of age
    • Female dogs in heat
    • Pets other than dogs
    • Sick dogs
  • No bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, strollers or motorized vehicles allowed
  • Park is open from dawn to dusk

Infractions of any of these rules can result in temporary or permanent loss of park privileges. All State Statutes and Town Ordinances apply.

Questions & Concerns

Please report any questions or concerns to the Rocky Hill Parks and Recreation Department by calling 860-258-2772 or Rocky Hill Police Department who can be reached at 860-258-7640.