Tax Collector

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Can I pay more than one tax bill with one check?

How can I avoid receiving a penalty?

How is a receipt obtained?

If I received a tax bill for my property and my bank is responsible for making payment, what should I do?

Is there tax relief for the elderly?

Is there tax relief for veterans?

What are the ways I can pay my tax bill?

What is the current mill rate?

What period of time does my bill cover?

When is my tax payment due?

How can I obtain my payment history for income tax purposes?

Contact Information

logo6    Town of Rocky Hill
    761 Old Main St.
    Rocky Hill, CT

Elaine McKim, Tax Collector

PHONE:  860-258-2717
FAX: 860-258-2747 
HOURS: Monday - Friday 
  8:30am - 4:30pm