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Transportation Services Guidelines
Contact Information:

Charlene Mehr
PHONE:  860-258-2701

The Rocky Hill Mini-Buses may be used by Rocky Hill residents age 60 and older, or any person with a disability, who is unable to provide their own transportation.  These vehicles are equipped with a wheelchair lift. Service is “curb to curb”, therefore riders that may require assistance getting to and from the curb should be accompanied by a companion who can provide such assistance. The bus driver will assist the wheelchair-confined client on and off the wheelchair lift.  Non wheelchair-confined bus clients are expected to independently get on and off the bus. The driver should not be expected to handle packages or bags for the bus client. Safety and liability risks prohibit the driver from assisting the client up or down steps at his/her place of residence. The driver may use his/her discretion to determine whether or not transportation will be provided in the event that safety is a factor.  This includes personal modes of transportation other than a wheelchair, such as a scooter or motorized wheelchair. The passenger’s mode of transportation must be able to be tied down securely, both in the front and back of unit.  In the case of scooters, the passenger must be able to transfer to a seat while the bus is in transit. Arrangements can be made for a home visit with the driver and the vehicle to determine a passenger’s safe transport.  Please allow at least five (5) business days for this service.

Scheduling Information

For reservations call 860-258-2701. Reservations must be made one (1) working day in advance between 8:30 am and 10:30 am; Monday thru Friday. (Same day service cannot be guaranteed and is only considered for a medical appointment.)

  • Please remember to have the doctor’s name, address, telephone number and the time of appointment available when making your reservation. You are responsible for providing the correct information when scheduling transportation.
  • All appointments for mini-bus transport should be between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm.
  • The mini-bus operates Monday thru Friday.  Service is available on Sundays for church only.  Saturday service is not available.
  • For your ride home call the number indicated on the card given to you by the driver upon drop-off.
  • Only one round trip ride is allowed per client, per day.  Unscheduled stops are not allowed unless approved by the Human Services Director.

Important Information

Riders are responsible for canceling reservations as soon as possible.  To cancel a ride, call 860-258-2701.   Leave a message, if necessary. Riders who are habitually late in canceling trip reservations are subject to suspension from service after one warning.

All persons should be prepared for the mini-bus to arrive up to fifteen (15) minutes before OR after their scheduled pick-up time.

All return times are approximate and subject to change.  Although no return times are guaranteed, every effort is made to return clients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Rocky Hill, Wethersfield, Glastonbury, and Hartford are the towns served by the mini-bus.  The mini-bus transports to Hartford and Glastonbury on Mondays and Wednesdays for medical appointments only.

Ride reservations are accepted on a first come, first served basis.  Service is not guaranteed, but provided as the schedule permits.      

Expanded Transportation

The Town of Rocky Hill has an expanded transportation service that is based on an annual grant. The service, if available, is an expansion of transportation services for medical transportation only which covers the greater Hartford area including Hartford, West Hartford, New Britain, Farmington, East Hartford, Newington, Bloomfield and Glastonbury. The expanded service is available Monday through Friday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, please call for availability.

Town Mini Bus Funding

The Town mini-buses have been paid in part by a grant from the Federal Transit Administration Section 5310, and therefore extend transportation services to disabled residents regardless of age.

Scheduling Priority

First Priority - Medical Appointments

Second Priority - Food Shopping*, Banking, Educational Classes

Third Priority - Senior Groups

Social Events, Visiting, Hairdressing, Etc.

*Grocery shoppers are allowed a maximum of three (3) grocery bags.  Please call for a list of stores and scheduled transportation times.


Nursing Homes

Residents of Rocky Hill nursing homes are eligible for our services.  The Town’s non-negotiable policy is that all nursing home residents must have an aide, provided by the nursing home, accompany them on their trip. This requirement ensures proper supervision and provides safety for the client.  Family members, along with the aide, are welcome to accompany the nursing home resident.  Nursing home residents are scheduled for medical transports only.

Wheelchair Clients

If client is not able to independently operate their own wheelchair an aide must travel with the client.

Contact Information

logo6     Town of Rocky Hill
     699 Old Main St.
     Rocky Hill, CT 

Melissa Hicks, Director of Human, Youth and Senior Services

PHONE:   860-258-2724

Denise Sanderson, Elderly Services Coordinator / Municipal Agent for the Elderly

PHONE: 860-258-2786
FAX:  860-258-2796
HOURS: Monday - Friday
  8:30am - 4:30pm





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