Public Works

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Is the Town of Rocky Hill responsible for plowing all the streets?

Why hasn't my street been plowed yet?

Who declares a parking ban?

What happens when a parking ban is declared?

How long does a parking ban last?

What happens if my vehicle is towed during a parking ban?

I live on a cul-de-sac and I get more snow in my driveway and on my property than anywhere else in town. Why?

Is it illegal to place snow in the street?

Can I pay the Town to clear my walk or driveway?

Can I get sand from the Town?

Why do the plow trucks have to drive so fast?

Why do you have to plow curb to curb?

My street is so narrow that two cars cannot pass side by side. What will be done?

Why do you put snow on my sidewalk and in my driveway?

Why is there more snow on my sidewalk and in my driveway than my neighbors? It never happened before.

Why is there an excessive amount of snow in my driveway?

Will the Town remove the snow they cast onto my already cleared sidewalk or driveway?

Can I place my barrel in the street?

Where do I put my barrels for collection when there are snow berms at the edge of the street?

The catch basin on my street is covered with snow. Who is responsible to clear it?

The large piles of snow at the corners of my street are so high I can't see oncoming traffic. Who is responsible for removing the snow?

How long do I have to clear my sidewalk?

What happens when a property owner fails to clear their sidewalk?

Who is responsible to clearing the handicapped sidewalk ramp at the corner of my property?

How do I report plow damage?

When will damage be repaired?

Who is responsible for clearing in front of my mailbox?

Who is responsible for clearing the fire hydrants?

Who repairs my damaged mailbox?

Has your question not been answered?

Contact Information:

logo6       Town of Rocky Hill
    761 Old Main St.
    Rocky Hill, CT

Jim Sollmi, PELS Director of Community Development and Public Works

Joe Lentini, Field Operations and Highway Superintendent

PHONE:   860-258-7709   
FAX:    860-258-2703  
HOURS:   Monday - Friday
    6:30am - 2:30pm

Transfer Station

LOCATION: 59 Old Forge Road

HOURS: Thursday & Friday, 10:00am – 2:00pm (March 1st – December 31st)

Saturday - 7:00am – 1:00pm (all year)

*Transfer Station is closed during inclement weather*