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The Friends: Museum Passes

Our Museum Pass program offers you free or reduced rate admission to many area attractions. You may reserve a pass in advance with your library card, by calling the Information Desk (860-258-7623), reserving online (below), or stopping by the Information Desk in the library.

When the pass is reserved for a particular day, you can obtain it as follows:
1) Many passes can be printed off your home computer or a computer in the library. This one-day pass does not need to be returned to the library, so no overdue fines will ever apply.
2) Some passes must be picked in the library the day before use and returned the day after use. If these passes are returned late, you will be charged a fee of $10 per day.

In order to ensure fairness, we ask each family to use a particular pass just once each month. These passes are made possible through the generosity of the Friends of the Library.

Click here to view and reserve a pass, by museum.

Click here to view and reserve a pass, by date. 

(For the Connecticut Science Center, stop by the Information Desk to pick up a 20% off coupon.)

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