Human Services

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Child welfare work is focused on supporting and investing in families and communities to prevent neglect and abuse, and working to improve services and outcomes for children in dysfunctional situations. The Youth Services office provides Community Service Referrals for children and families in need. 

As a collaborator within the Rocky Hill Public School system, our staff is also a Crisis Resource Team member at each of the schools. 



Contact Information

logo6     Town of Rocky Hill
     699 Old Main St.
     Rocky Hill, CT 

Melissa Hicks, Director of Human, Youth and Senior Services

PHONE:   860-258-2724

Nicole DiClemente

Administrative Assistant for Human Services

PHONE:  860-258-2793

Kristina Mattera
Case Manager

PHONE: 860-258-2021
FAX:  860-258-2796

Denise Sanderson, Elderly Services Coordinator / Municipal Agent for the Elderly

PHONE: 860-258-2786
FAX:  860-258-2796
HOURS: Monday - Friday
  8:30am - 4:30pm


Lori Stanczyc, Youth Services Coordinator

PHONE: 860-258-2718
HOURS:  Varies




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