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Elm Street Bridge Replacement

NEW DATES! Closure of I-91 for the Elm Street bridge replacement will be on Sunday, July 21th (southbound) and Sunday, July 28th northbound) from 1–6 a.m.The CTDOT has provided an update on the Rt. 160 bridge project.

The closure of Route 160/Elm Street in Rocky Hill is now scheduled for Monday, June 24th at 7 a.m. through Friday, August 23rd.

Closure of I-91 will be on Sunday, July 21th (southbound) and Sunday, July 28th (northbound) from 1–6 a.m.

For more information, please contact the STATE OF CONNECTICUT DOT at 860-436-6208


Click here to view the presentation that was given at the June 17, 2019 Public Information Meeting.

The Silas Deane Highway Pedestrian Improvements Project entails sidewalk and streetscape improvements for pedestrians along the Silas Deane Highway (Route 99), between Parsonage Road and the intersection of Glastonbury Avenue and Elm Street (Route 160), in the town of Rocky Hill. The purpose is to create a pedestrian oriented and visually enhanced gateway to the Town's municipal center. This project represents the realization of the third phase of the Town's overall masterplan for the Silas Deane Highway corridor. The first phase was constructed in 2012, while construction completion of Phase 2 is anticipated to be in Spring 2019.

Land use along the project corridor is primarily commercial with numerous driveway cuts and parking lots for local businesses. The existing sidewalk, approximately four feet (4') wide, is generally parallel to the Silas Deane Highway and is located within the State's right-of-way, as much as twenty feet (20') away from the edge of roadway. Heavily laden overhead utility poles line the Silas Deane Highway, with poles generally located between the existing sidewalk and the edge of roadway.

Proposed improvements include removing the existing sidewalk and replacing it with a six-foot (6') wide decorative concrete sidewalk that includes a banding of clay brick pavers along both sides of the sidewalk. The new sidewalk will follow a meandering alignment for approximately three thousand feet (3,000') along each side of the roadway and will be kept within the State's right-of-way. Various driveway entrances will be reconstructed to accommodate the new sidewalk and maintain adequate entrance/exit grades for businesses. Landscaping and new decorative pedestrian-level lighting will also be installed throughout the project corridor. The proposed landscaping includes native varieties as well as species tolerant to salt exposure and dry soil conditions, and plantings appropriate for use within an overhead utility corridor. The decorative pedestrian-level lights will be of the same type and material installed in previous phases of construction and will include amenities for flag holders and banner arms. Decorative bituminous concrete crosswalks are proposed at the three private roadways within the project limits. The new crosswalks will be of a type and material that is consistent with what was installed in previous phases of construction. Two new bus passenger shelters with benches are proposed to be installed at current bus stop locations.

There are no anticipated impacts to private properties and no anticipated traffic impacts since the work is occurring beyond the curb line of the Silas Deane Highway. Business access will be maintained during the reconstruction of driveway entrances.

Construction is anticipated to begin in the Spring of 2020. The construction of the pedestrian and streetscape improvements will be undertaken with Federal and Municipal funds. The estimated construction cost for this project is approximately $2.7 Million.


The town has plans to mill and pave Dividend Road in the summer of 2019.  This project will be 100% funded through the Connecticut DOT - Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP).

The Engineering firm of VHB conduct a traffic and pavement analysis on Dividend Road in the fall of 2018.  Result of their study found the Pavement Condition Indexes (PCI) to be 59 from Main St to Forest Street and 41 from Forest St to Old Forge Road, both considered to be "poor condition" on the PCI curve.

Due to Dividend Roads location on PCI curve and the increasingly poor rideablility, the town will mill and pave the road following VHB's recommendations. This would include milling Dividend Road to a depth of 4.0", overlay with 2 - 2.0" course of asphalt.  This will restore the pavement to a PCI rating "excellent" (90 or better), which is typical for a new road. This will provide a minimum pavement life of 15 years. Also included in the project are replacement of catch basin tops, curbing and pavement markings.

Hours of operation will be Monday - Friday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm with no weekends or Town observed holidays. The Contractor will maintain one lane of through traffic which may require one lane alternating traffic or detours.  Access to all driveways will be maintained throughout the project. If a temporary closure of a driveway is necessary, the Contractor will coordinate with the owner to determine the time period of the closure. Ramping to allow access to driveways shall be done as soon as possible and in no instance later than the end of the work day. The contractor will be liable for all damage claims in the work area.

As with any construction project, there will be some temporary inconvenience.  We thank you for your cooperation.

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact: Stephen Sopelak, Town Engineer 860-258-7672 or ssopelak@rockyhillct.gov

Contact Information

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761 Old Main St.
Rocky Hill, CT

Jim Sollmi, Director of Community Development

EMAIL:     jsollmi@rockyhillct.gov 
PHONE:  860-258-2762

Joe Lentini, Field Operations and Highway Superintendent

EMAIL:     jlentini@rockyhillct.gov
PHONE: 860-258-7709  

Steve Sopelak, Town Engineer

EMAIL:     ssopelak@rockyhillct.gov
PHONE:  860-258-7672  

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