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Exam Proctoring 

In an attempt to support continuing education and lifelong learning, the Library has agreed to act as a proctor for distance learning students.          

We are able to proctor tests under the following conditions:

  1. Library staff will proctor print or online examinations by appointment during the Library’s regular hours of operation Monday through Friday.

  2. Students must present a current photo ID. Name on ID must match the name on the test the student is registered to take.

  3. Print exams must be sent directly from the testing institution to the Library. When contacted by the student, we will arrange a time for the exam to be taken.

  4. Staff will hand out the exam, collect it when completed, and mail it back to the appropriate educational institution.

  5. The student must not require supervision while taking the exam. The Library is unable to provide one-on-one monitoring of students, although staff may check on students periodically. Please be aware that the library environment and noise level will vary depending on the time of day. The proctor will be the Librarian on duty at the time of the exam.

  6. Students must provide packaging and sufficient pre-paid postage for the return mailing of their examination.

  7. The Library cannot arrange for UPS or FedEx pickup.

These conditions must be acceptable to  both the student and the educational institution. Please address questions to the Library reference staff or call us at 860-258-7623.

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