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Confidentiality of Library Records Policy

Pursuant to Connecticut State Statute Section 11-25 (b) personally identifiable information contained in the circulation records of the Cora J.Belden Library shall be confidential.

Names, addresses, phone numbers and information on materials borrowed or fines owed are confidential. Library staff may not provide information on a personal nature about any borrower except to the borrower himself or to the parent guardian of a borrower who is a minor. Requests for such information are to be referred to the Library Director.

Connecticut State Statute, Title 11, Section 11-25 (b) Reports by Libraries, confidentiality of records.

Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 1-19, personally identifiable information contained in the circulation records of all public libraries shall be confidential.

Approved  by the Library Board of Trustees, June 18, 1996

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