Sustainable Rocky Hill Task Force

Sustainable RH Header (JPG)The Sustainable Rocky Hill task force is an advisory body appointed by the Town Council to:

  • Advance goals to continue accreditation by Sustainable CT and participate in other state and federal sustainability initiatives.
  • Explore and promote issues related to sustainability and enabling full participation and accessibility for all residents.
  • Facilitate a range of community-based education programs and forums for exchange that promote civic engagement and communication about sustainability in Rocky Hill.

What We Do

Specifically, we promote the following outcomes:

  1. Inclusive and Equitable Communities
  2. Thriving Local Economies
  3. Well-Stewarded Land and Natural Resources
  4. Vibrant and Creative Cultural Ecosystems
  5. Dynamic and Resilient Planning
  6. Clean and Diverse Transportation Systems and Choices 
  7. Renewable and Efficient Energy Infrastructure and Operations
  8. Inclusive Engagement, Communication, and Education
  9. Strategic Materials Management
  10. Optimal Health and Wellness Opportunities
  11. Healthy, Efficient, and Diverse Housing
  12. Effective, Compassionate Homelessness Prevention
  13. Innovative Strategies and Practices


  • Alan Baglia
  • Derek Caelin (Chair)
  • Ed Chiucarello
  • Robert Downes (Secretary)
  • Saima Kousar
  • Haritha Nagabandi (Vice Chair)
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