Which of these can be Recycled? 

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 Answer: ALL OF THEM! 👗👢👜 🍽🧸 Simple Recycling can help  you recycle everything on this list AND MORE! Give your clothes and other unwanted items a second life. Visit SimpleRecycling.com or call 866-835-5068 today to schedule a FREE pickup appointment. It’s simple, convenient, and did we tell you? It’s FREE! On your appointed day, just leave the items that you want to be collected, in any type of boxes or bags, on your porch (or wherever you tell them) by 7:30 am. ♻


The Simple Recycling Team

Voluntary Recycling Program

Simple Recycling is a voluntary recycling program that is offered as a convenience to Rocky Hill residents. The Town Council has authorized this program, but it is operated at no cost to the Town. The benefit to the Town is that it takes the recyclables out of the waste stream that otherwise would be thrown into the trash.  This reduces the costs of disposal to the Town. The benefit to residents is that it is a convenient way to recycle pre-loved clothing, shoes, and accessories.  Contact Simple Recycling by calling 866-835-5068.