Lawn Irrigation Policy

The Town of Rocky Hill, as a general practice, prohibits irrigation within the Town street right-of-way or easement as this area is reserved for sidewalks, signs and utilities. Although prohibited, the Town knows that there are existing irrigation systems within the right-of-way. Furthermore, the Town knows that new systems will ultimately be installed in the right-of-way.

Prior to installation of a lawn irrigation system, the property owner or his agent (installer) must have on file a schematic of said irrigation system and must have secured the necessary applications and permits with the Building Department and Engineering Department as per Chapter 212, section 212-1 of the Town Code. All applications must be secured and approved before installation work begins and approved and inspected before use.

A street excavation permit shall be obtained by the licensed installer. All conditions of the permit, including "Call Before You Dig" ticket, insurance and bond must be posted with the Engineering Department. If the installer is not bonded, all work with in the right-of-way/easement must be performed by hand (no machines).


A Lawn Irrigation Waiver (PDF) holding the Town of Rocky Hill harmless for all liability from work by the installer and future damage to the sprinklers by work performed by the Town with in the street right-of-way or easement must be signed.