Center Cemetery

Rocky Hill Center Cemetery Wayfinding and Searchable Database

Historic Center Cemetery is owned and maintained by the Town of Rocky Hill. Grave sites are available to persons having residence within the Town of Rocky Hill for a period of six months or more or to persons who formerly had residence within the Town of Rocky Hill of at least six months duration.

Currently, there are over 500 burial plots available. The cost for a single plot with a flush footstone is $600. Plots with an upright headstone are sold in pairs to accommodate the size of the stone, for a cost of $1,500 for the pair.

Center CemeteryAll grave sites are furnished with perpetual care by the Town of Rocky Hill, which shall include the regular mowing of grass, trimming of grass and the raising and grading of sunken graves. Prices charged for grave sites shall reflect the perpetual care but, they do not include maintenance, repair or replacement of monuments or markers.

For More Information

Visit the Rocky Hill Historical Society website for historical information about the cemetery.

Please contact Raymond Sweezy, Sexton for more general information.