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Welcome to the Town of Rocky Hill, Clerk's Index Search!

By using the search options to the left you can search the following Indexes:

NOTE: Firm Names made up of initials are spaced.
Example: MERS would be indexed as M E R S

Sunday, March 29, 2015 4:45:44 PM
Index From To
BURIAL RECORDS 01/01/2006 02/21/2015
CIVIL UNIONS 10/01/2005 07/31/2011
DEATHS 01/01/1987 03/25/2015
LAND RECORDS 05/01/1973 03/25/2015
MAPS AND SURVEYS 02/01/1912 12/01/2014
MARRIAGES 01/01/1987 03/01/2015
MILITARY DISCHARGES 01/01/2006 03/12/2015
TRADE NAMES 01/05/1987 10/28/2014

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