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The Town’s Planning and Zoning activities take place at two levels, the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Town Planning Department. The Planning and Zoning Commission consists of eight members, five regular members and three alternate members. The Town Council appoints the Commission members for two-year terms. The Commission’s staff consists of a full-time professional Director of Planning and Building, who is directly responsible to the Town Manager, an Assistant Planner/Zoning Enforcement Officer, and an Administrative Assistant who works for both the Director of Planning & Building and Director of Engineering & Highways.

Working closely with the Director of Economic Development, Planning Staff meets regularly with potential developers, attorneys and the general public to educate them as to the processes, regulations, Plan of Conservation and Development, and about the Town of Rocky Hill. The department works closely with the Town’s contracted Grant Administrator for Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), L. Wagner & Associates. Rocky Hill serves as the lead town in the Tri-Town Rehabilitation Program for income dependent households seeking to improve their property to meet the housing quality standard as established by the grant.

As the Planning and Zoning Commission is the primary agency responsible for overseeing development with the Town, the Commission prior to construction must approve all new development. During the review period, the Commission may request modifications to the development plans to ensure compliance with Town regulations and the recently adopted Plan of Conservation and Development. The Commission functions in a representative role on behalf of the public. The role of the Commission is also one of an educational nature, which services to stimulate interest in planning. Finally, the Commission performs a coordinator role in working with other public and private agencies to integrate the total governmental planning effort. The Commission has finalized the Zoning Regulation Update and Zoning Map for conformity to the Plan of Conservation and Development. The new Zoning Documents have been adopted and became effective on February 1, 2006.

The 2001 Plan of Conservation & Development is available for purchase in the Planning/Engineering Department - Click Here

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Contact the Planning & Zoning Department with any questions about regulations 258-2766 or 258-2761


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