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Building Department

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The Building Department, a division of the Department of Public Safety, ensures that all building construction conforms to National and State Building and Mechanical codes. Conformance with these codes protects the property owner through the regulation of builders and tradesman to insure quality and safe construction.

The division employs a Building Official, a Mechanical Inspector, a part-time Building Inspector and a Secretary on a full-time basis.

The office has the legal obligation to provide services under the Connecticut State Statutes; State Building Codes, Connecticut Supplement adopted June 15, 1994, Article One, Department of Public Safety. In accordance with Section 29-252-16, this code is the Building Code for all towns, cities and boroughs, and for all State agencies. In accordance with Article 109, Chapter 541, Part 1a, each town, city or borough shall appoint an official to administer this Code, and this officer shall be known as the Building Official.

The Building Official reviews all applications for permits to insure that plans proposed comply with applicable Codes; that the plans and specifications have sufficient detail; that they are drawn to scale; and, in case of construction on virgin land, the Building Official insures that an A-2 survey is submitted showing accurately the distances from lot lines to buildings, including proposed finished grades and elevations. Additionally, the Building Official verifies the proper licensure of trades and/or agents, land surveyors, architects, engineers, etc.; and he confirms ownership and/or other status of the property involved.

Building Department Fee Schedule (eff. 7/1/10)


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