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Plan of Conservation and Development


Connecticut General Statutes Section 8-23 requires that Connecticut municipalities “prepare or amend and … adopt” a Plan of Conservation and Development. The Town of Rocky Hill has now adopted A Plan of Conservation and Development, effective 6/26/15.

A Plan of Conservation and Development is an advisory document, intended to guide the Town’s responses to statutory mandates, land use controls, municipal investments, and other Town functions. At the same time, a Plan provides a community with an understanding of the assets and resources that establish its character and the quality of life that its residents  and businesses embrace.

A recent statutory change increases the importance of having a current Plan. Beginning in 2010, towns without a current Plan may not be eligible for certain discretionary State funding, such as Small Town Economic Assistance Program grants and Open Space Acquisition grants. This creates a powerful incentive for Towns to maintain a current Plan.

And finally, preparation of a Plan of Conservation and Development provides an opportunity for a community to reassess its overall goals, involve its residents and business community in planning for the Town’s future, and to reassess the Town’s defining qualities.

Statutory Guidelines

Statutory Issues for Municipal Plans

  • Affordable Housing; Surface and Ground Drinking Water Supplies; Development Patterns; Physical, Social, Economic and Governmental Conditions and Trends; Energy-efficiency; Agriculture.

  • Physical and Economic Development; Public Access-ways; Compact, Transit Accessible, Pedestrian-oriented Mixed Use Development Patterns; Proposed Land Uses; Desirable Density of Population; Housing Choice

  • Ridgelines; Airports, Parks, Playgrounds and Other Public Grounds; Schools and Other Public Buildings; Public Utilities and Terminals; Public Housing Projects

  • Implementation of the Plan: Schedule; Capital Budget; Enactment and Enforcement of Controls, Codes, and Safety Regulations; Implementation of Affordable Housing; Open Space and Greenways Protection and Development; Plans for Corridor Management Areas; Proposed Priority Funding Areas; and Any Other Recommendations

Statutory Growth Management Principles




Connecticut River in Rocky Hill
The Connecticut River at Ferry Landing

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